Leadership in a Complex World – Drama in the Workplace

Webinar Series: Leadership in a Complex World

Drama in the Workplace

Are you experiencing drama in your workplace or life? Do you find it frustrating and at times ill-equipped on how to deal with it? You are not alone in this struggle.

Join us in this complimentary webinar series for an online learning DISRUPTION – no more checking your email while endless powerpoint slides go by. Online learning is a top HR trend for 2018. 

Prepare to be happier and more engaged while you experience learning and development that is practical, interactive, and personal to your own situation, team, challenge or project. We use these unique and fun methods in our six session program, Leadership in a Complex World that starts on Sept 18th. Don’t miss the early bird pricing which expires soon.

In the mean time, join us to learn a practical tool to deal with the joys (yes) and pitfalls of drama in your workplace.

Date: Wednesday, Aug 29, 2018
Time: 11 am MT / 10 am PT / 1pm ET /  Save Your Seat!

Drama is one of the 4 levels that we use to engage with others and our situations. You can learn to quickly drop below the level of drama and perceive new levels of what’s really going on. This new information presents you with choices. Choices in how to respond in a new way to opportunities that you couldn’t previously see due to the smoke screen that drama cloaks us in.

People are trying to rise above it but fail to find a sustainable way to deal with drama and the productivity that it robs us of.

In this webinar you will get a taste of:

  • How to quickly assess what’s going on
  • A practical tool for dealing with drama and fixing
  • How to move from blame to making a more powerful choice
  • How to empower yourself to make better choices and explore opportunities that demonstrate the kind of leader you really are

Join us where you’ll discover and experience tools for dealing with drama as you learn to lead with ease in a complex world.

For more information about the full experiential Leadership in a Complex World program go to www.leadwithcorevalues.com/leadership-program.


Erin Waddell, PCC, CPA-CGA, MA Leadership

Erin is a Professional Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation. Having earned her Master of Arts in Leadership at Royal Roads University, Erin works with executives, leaders and teams worldwide to help them strengthen their leadership competencies, deliver on organizational strategies, embrace change, think creatively and achieve results. Erin is passionate about humanizing the workplace.

Rebecca Johns, CPCC, CTPC

Rebecca provides personal and professional development to clients around the world. She is certified in several coaching models including CTI, The Center for Transformational Presence, SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence, and The Center for Ethical Leadership. Her focus is supporting client’s alignment of personal and professional growth and creating healthy environments where leaders thrive.

Join this experiential webinar where you’ll discover tools for dealing with drama as you learn to lead with ease in a complex world.

Save Your Seat!

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