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Leadership in a Complex World

6 Live, 2 hr Online Sessions


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Stuck in the day-to-day cycle with no time to think or learn?

Feeling overwhelmed with work and competing commitments?

This live, online interactive program will grow your leadership capacity beyond the numbers – navigating that fine line between results and relationships. The immediate experiences and insights gained gives you the confidence and practical tools needed to create the kind of leadership brand that people will follow and work hard for.

You will leave with a vision and path on where your new leader-self is heading and be supported with one post-program coaching session.

This program blends active learning and doing (action learning) by using your situation, challenges and needs versus generic business cases.

Before the Program: Review course materials. Do a computer system check to ensure it is able to connect to the course platform.

During the Program: You’ll work individually and in groups to share feedback on various discussion topics.

After the Program: Book individual one-on-one follow up course session.

The core sessions include:

  • Understand Leadership and My Role
  • Improving Your Brand as a Manager –Coach instead of Telling
  • Stop Wasting Time & Energy – Prioritize!
  • Influencing So Others Get What They Want
  • Leading Change: Embrace Resistance it Has a Message for You
  • Leading from the Future.

Skill development continues between sessions with assignments you design to get your work done more effectively, saving you time and energy.

At the conclusion you are well supported, leaving with a vision and path on where your new leader-self is heading, to make the greatest impact on your organization and the world.

Completion Certificate

To support professional development requirements, a program completion certificate with the number of verified hours will be issued.

The Leadership in a Complex World course format is as follows:


  • 6 Live, 2 Hour Sessions in an Online Interactive Platform
  • One-on-one professional coaching session after course completion.

Three Options:

1. FALL 2020: October 7th – November 11th

Time: 10 am – 12pm MT

  • Login at 9:30am MT to ensure Internet connectivity and check audio.
  • Course will begin promptly at 10 am MT.
  • Course session will end at 12 pm MT.

*One-on-one professional coaching session must be scheduled within 30 days of program completion.

Who Should Attend

  • Leaders with direct reports
  • Change leaders
  • Influential specialists
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Project managers
  • Leaders in new roles – promotions and outside hires

Benefits of Attending:

At the conclusion of this program you will have:

  • Defined a leadership development goal and action plan.
  • Understood the difference between managing and leading and where you need to shift your time and energy.
  • Understood how to generate leadership “currency.”
  • Practiced how to coach others and manage difficult situations.
  • Learned how to listen differently to your self and the essence of interactions with others.
  • Challenged your own comfort zone on your terms; increasing your capacity for complexity,
    uncertainty and ambiguity.
  • Increased your resilience and added new tools for tough times
  • An accomplishment list to use for your next performance review
  • A certificate for PD filings.


  • Leadership Presence
  • Critical & Intuitive Thinking
  • Communication
  • Prioritization
  • Self-Awareness
  • Influencing
  • Future Focused
  • Collaboration
  • Feedback
  • Resiliency
  • Leading Change
  • Coaching

Erin Waddell

PCC, CPA-CGA, MA Leadership | Contact Erin | Follow Erin on LinkedIn

With project work spanning 15 industries in Canada, USA, Mexico, Europe, Asia and Africa, Erin soon discovered a universal truth: all organizations face similar challenges and barriers to implementing change.

Having earned her Master of Arts in Leadership at Royal Roads University, Erin now works with executives, leaders and teams to help them strengthen their leadership competencies, deliver on organizational strategies, embrace change, think creatively and achieve results.

As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and member of the International Coaching Federation, Erin focuses on practical leadership development through one-on-one sessions or learning workshops in personal and virtual environments.

She is certified in Presence Based Coaching, Transformational Presence Coaching and Leadership and Coaching for Leadership along with a variety of assessment tools.

Living near the expansive Canadian Rockies, the outdoors is Erin’s place of renewal and regeneration.

Rebecca Johns

CPCC, CTPC | Contact Rebecca? | Follow Rebecca on LinkedIn

Rebecca Johns, CPCC, CTPC is a certified professional coach trained by The Coaches Training Institute. She is also as a Certified Transformational Presence Leadership Coach and works closely with the Center for Transformational Presence.

Rebecca provides personal and professional development to clients around the world. She is affiliated with the University of Minnesota Center and is certified by Deep Change, Inc. in Houston, TX. Rebecca is also a trained facilitator by the Center for Ethical Leadership in Seattle, WA.

Rebecca’s background includes 35 years of teaching in higher education, public education, consulting, facilitation, and coaching. Her powerful listening skills and coaching techniques provide support and inspiration to people willing to make significant changes in their careers and lives.


  • Regular pricing: $699
  • Early bird pricing expires 30 days prior to program commencement $650.
  • Year end pricing expires Dec 31 $599
  • Group pricing available upon request

Terms and Conditions

  • Cancellation fee is $100 with 60 days notice and $200 with 30 days notice.
  • No refund if cancellation less than 30 days.
  • Registrations are transferable to another party with 1 week’s notice.

All cancellations must be made in writing before the deadline.

Please contact us.

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“Leadership in a Complex World provides personal insights that improve your ability to lead, engage and coach others. A wealth of material and tools presented with a holistic approach that I have never before experienced. Erin and Rebecca have an incredible energy and passion that is evident throughout. The program requires effort, thought and participation. The resulting outcomes well worth it!”
Sarah Russell Crow, Finance Manager

This will help us build that ‘whole package leader’

HR Manager

No one is doing online learning like this

Learning and Development Officer
It’s been experiential so more meaningful to me.
Manager - Post-Secondary Education
I actually felt excited about what I was hearing – to focus on my leadership in a way that reinforces what I am doing, reminds me why I do what I do. I stayed fully engaged throughout – almost NEVER happens during most webinars I attend. Thank you.
Director - Health Care

Terms and Conditions

Cancellation fee 60 days in advance $100, 30 days in advance $200. No refund if cancellation less than 30 days. Registrations are transferable to another party with 1 week’s notice.

Contact info@leadwithcorevalues.com for assistance.