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In it to win it!

Frustrated your team is not hearing you? Worried about missed performance targets and the consequences to you? Fixes not working? Out of ideas? There’s help.

Learn how to systematically create a results-driven, high-performance team rather than a dysfunctional, under-performing team. Develop a culture of creativity and self-discipline to inspire employees to take on the impossible. When given the opportunity to have a large impact, your team can and will rise to the challenge.

High-performance teams have a solid and deep trust in each other, and in the team’s purpose. For these folks, it’s fun and satisfying to contribute at their highest potential. Each is an equal contributor and leadership shifts as needed in order to drive results. Conflict and triviality are replaced with constructive criticism directed towards problem solving. Anything is possible.

The following workshops will help you identify your team members’ special talents and work preferences, learn how people with different styles can work productively together and understand the complexities of high-performance teams and the conditions in which they thrive.

1. Team Development Workshop – MBTI

Each member brings unique capabilities, preferences and perspectives to your team. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) tool helps you identify these preferences. It then provides a framework to help you cut through the complexities and enable team members to value and work with the strengths of others.

The workshop addresses six core issues affecting teams:

  • communication
  • problem solving/conflict resolution
  • team culture
  • leadership
  • change
  • stress

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What Clients Are Saying

“The best part of this day was identifying how my habits may be perceived and how to most effectively communicate with others in the group.”
“This workshop helped me understand the strengths and preferences of other team members.”


2. Team Development Workshop – 5 common dysfunctions of teams


Developing high-performance teams is challenging work. If you can envision what you want for your team we can help you achieve it.

Imagine team collaboration based on trust and mutual respect where each member contributes to his/her maximum potential and the only focus is to deliver results based on a shared vision – quickly and efficiently. These are the hallmarks of high-performance teams. Discover how to build high-performance teams and deliver superior organizational results.

Workshop Outline

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What Clients Are Saying

“I’ve worked with this group for years and didn’t know many basic but important things about their lives. This helps me see them in a different light.”
“Now I see why the “trouble maker” in the group acts the way she does. I have a lot more compassion and respect for her now that I know her story.”

3. Team Development Workshop – Custom

“Developing teams is a process that takes effort; it doesn’t just happen naturally. Like all new situations and skills, it takes time and practice. If time is short, strategic measures will help your team find common ground, build trust, and develop commitment and accountability to each other.

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What Clients Are Saying

“Our team is more effective now that we have built common ground and common terminology.”
“I like Erin’s blend of working with the team and getting real work done.”
“Once the real issue got on the table we threw out the agenda and got down to work. Erin adapted and redesigned the rest of the day on the spot.”