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Leadership in a Complex World Webinar Series

Leadership in a Complex World Webinar Series The Oxygen Mask: Managing Your Energy and Enhancing you Well-Being at Work Thanks to those who registered and/or attended our webinar, Leadership in a Complex World - The Oxygen Mask: Managing Your Energy and Enhancing Your Well-Being at Work. We hope you enjoyed it! In our discussion, we talked about evolving our [...]

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Is Your Project Breaking Apart or Breaking Open?

If you've ever worked on, managed or sponsored a project you know that project plans, schedules and budgets are great planning tools at the beginning but then something seems to happen in the middle. We have status reports that measure if our project is over or under (don't laugh too hard at that one) budget, on or behind schedule [...]

Presence Moment Along a Riverbank in Nepal

Foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal After taking in Doug Silsbee's work on Mindful Leadership and Coaching  in Banff, hosted by Larry Huslmans with Reframe Leadership, I have been practising being more present in both my coaching practise and in my life. When you become attuned to taking in all that is there in the moment you learn to both [...]

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5 ways to Use a Change Initiative as a Leadership Development Opportunity

During tough economic times, when hiring freezes are prevalent and staff capacity is low, many organizations staff their new initiatives (programs and or projects) with consultants, contractors, or staff with performance challenges. If you get what you invest in these initiatives, then it's no wonder many are disappointed at the lack of sustainable success. Dust off that succession plan and put [...]

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