July 1st and 4th is a week to celebrate for both Canada and the USA.

Almost anything is easier to get into than out of. ~Agnes Allen

It is also a week for us to celebrate our own successes and accomplishments.

We work hard and live busy lives….

…and we do not have to try harder, be perfect, or be anything we are not. The road we are on is meant to help us figure out what’s important to us and be that. A human-being not a human-doing. Looking back and taking stock of our successes is the fuel that gives us energy for the next leg in the road. Otherwise life just seems like endless switchbacks up some unattainable mountain where we loose sight of why we’re on this road in the first place. Pause, reflect, write down your accomplishments, share them, let them soak in, bask. You deserve it.

Tell that inner critic to sit down and be quiet. No this is not being boastful, arrogant, self-centred, egotistical or any of those other self-condemning negative messages.

This is you loving you and role modelling well-being for those around you.

This is also #leadership. Leadership starts with leading self so we can step into leading our teams and those in our world wide communities being the best version of us that we can be.

So take a minute and get that accomplishment list started.

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