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Leadership Coaching
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What’s Next in Life? – Coaching

Gain Clarity and Perspective

Professional coaching brings clarity and perspective to life’s challenges, enabling individuals to discover new ways to achieve their personal and professional goals. Coaching is action-oriented and outcome-focused. It is a one-to-one, client-coach partnership that promotes self-awareness and inspires individuals to maximize their potential.

Professional coaches are unbiased. We don’t have a vested interest in who you were, only who you want to become. 

Invest in yourself. Engage a coach today. Re-imagine what’s possible.

1. Leadership Coaching

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“Having a coach provides the unusual opportunity to discuss issues, and try out ideas with someone who can understand them and provide helpful, objective feedback and suggestions, while maintaining strict confidentiality.” Gary Yukl, Author of Leadership in Organizations

What leadership challenges are you facing today?

  • Need to improve the organizational culture at your company
  • Have a vision in mind but need help building a strategic road map and alliances to take up the cause
  • Concerned about the impact of new regulations, technologies, market and social changes
  • Worried about a serious economic, financial or business crisis
  • Receiving criticism of your people management or communication skills
  • Struggling with relationships with your boss, peers or subordinates
  • Worried about meeting targets because turnover is creating productivity issues
  • Feeling burnt out, stressed or disengaged
  • Hiring staff and then finding you’re disappointed with their performance
  • Need to retain and develop new talent

In today’s fast-paced highly competitive market place it can be challenging to learn and develop leadership skills in a progressive and supportive environment. As a result, many leaders seek professional coaching to facilitate on-the-job learning. An external coach brings a wide range of organizational experience and greater objectivity with a guarantee of absolute confidentiality. You will learn the skills, attitudes and approaches that are relevant to your developmental goals.

Still not sure if leadership coaching is right for you?

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What Clients Are Saying

“The experience I had with Erin was a valuable attribute of the transition period I went through over the past year, culminating in me launching a new career that I am finding extremely fulfilling.”
“As someone who had devoted herself to being a full-time mom for 13 years, the prospect of going back to professional life outside the home was an extremely daunting prospect.  I engaged Erin as a career coach in order to help me better understand my skills and aptitudes, as well as reawaken and redirect my professional self.”

2. Quick Disc Coaching

2. Career Coaching

Do any of these situations ring a bell?

  • Not getting support for career advancement from your manager
  • Got a new boss and worried about job security
  • Feeling like you could add more value but no one is listening
  • Frustrated your career is going nowhere
  • Working hard, yet still not being recognized
  • Feeling unfairly passed over for a promotion
  • In a new role and feeling in over your head
  • Been out of the workplace, or out of the Canadian market, for awhile and trying to re-enter
  • Thinking about a career change but taking no action around it
  • Longing to do something different but not sure how to get started


Increasingly, individuals are seeking career coaching to help shape aspirations, develop action plans and achieve career goals. Whether you’re looking to re-discover the value proposition in your current career, achieve higher levels of performance or define and find your dream job, career coaching can help.

Still not sure if career coaching is right for you?
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What Clients Are Saying

“Working with Erin was a thought-provoking and rewarding experience. Erin asks insightful questions and uses targeted exercises to allow you to identify your core values and goals, and provides valuable tools and techniques to overcome obstacles and achieve those goals. I would highly recommend working with her, and I look forward to continuing to do so.”
“Erin has distinguished herself as a conscientious and energetic pioneer in the fields of leadership and management. I have enormous respect for her teaching, coaching, and leadership skills. I have been fortunate to work with her on many occasions. Erin has instituted many impressive programs for her peers and it has been an honor to consult with her on some of these projects. I have the greatest admiration for her work.”


3. Whats Next in Life? – Figuring Out What’s Next In Life

Have you had any of these thoughts?

  • Defined yourself with a professional label for so long that you’ve lost your identity? I’m an engineer. I’m a CEO. I’m a ___________. What am I now?
  • Want to stay engaged and active but not clear on what that involves
  • Worried about how you’re going to fill your 16 hour days
  • Concerned about what will happen to your professional legacy
  • Worried about isolation? Losing close relationships developed through work
  • Wondering what will happen to home relationships when your daily routine is disrupted, or your partner retires
  • Realizing you can’t golf, garden or _________ 16 hours a day, every day and wondering what will add meaning to your life
  • Worried about wasting your days away in front of the TV or computer
  • Have a long list of “when I retire…” but can’t seem to get started
  • Been talking about retiring but haven’t done anything to prepare
Realizing you can’t golf 16 hours a day when you leave your full-time career?

Then get started on shaping what’s next.

Golfing retirement

Many people spend more time planning a one-time vacation than they do the largest, and most complex, time block of their life. As a result, preconceived ideals about “retirement” are not met and dissatisfaction sets in. The reality is, this new stage in your life, which we like to call your encore, can be the most rewarding if planned for properly. Figure out what’s next and create an action plan for a successful transition from your primary career to encore career or next stage with the help of a professional coach.

Still not sure if encore coaching is right for you?

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What Clients Are Saying

“Thank you so much for providing a structured way of thinking through and planning for the next phase of my life!  Your approach and thoughtful advice were invaluable – there were more than a few “Aha!” moments!  At the end of this process, I feel very confident that I am prepared for the change – and am looking forward to it!  Thank you!”
“It was a great process. The journey map took me back to a lot of my passions that I forgot about. I’m not ready to retire but I feel a lot more comfortable now that I know what I will do with all that time.”