Building Better Work Relationships: Reduce Conflict & Increase Group Harmony


Is there someone at your office that you just don’t “get” and drains your energy? That no matter how much you try, you can’t get them to see your point or change their ways? This workshop uses the Everything DiSC™ tool to help you gain important insights into peoples’ communication preferences and working styles. The immediate feedback received from this workshop gives you the practical tools needed to build and sustain more harmonious and productive relationships in all aspects of your life.

What will be covered?

The day begins by using Everything DiSC™ to first understand your preferred working style and the styles of others. You will become more aware of your motivators and default working modes and how they affect other people. Understanding these differences will help you flex your style and adapt to the needs of the situation and the group. This leads to more positive, productive relationships and helps you to navigate conflict during tough times. You will have the opportunity to communicate how others can best work with you and learn the recipe for success in communicating and working with diversity. Once you internalize this information it helps to make an internal shift so that it doesn’t feel like heavy lifting anymore.

At the conclusion of this workshop you will Have:

  • Awareness of your personal working and communication styles.
  • Increased your awareness for understanding the working styles of others.
  • Recognized what is preventing you from developing stronger connections with people.
  • Uncovered your blind spots, assumptions and attitudes that may be getting in the way.
  • Learned ways to adapt your personal style to better relate to others in a positive way.
  • Experienced how to engage with others by creating a safe space.
  • A clear picture of the actions needed to work more effectively and productively with others.

This workshop is hosted by the CPA Association of Alberta AND the public is also welcome to register.