Move from Distracted to Focused in Under an Hour

Webinar Series: Leadership in a Complex World

Are mounting distractions and competing priorities pulling you in multiple directions?
Are you spending time weeding other people’s garden with no time left for your own?
Join us to reclaim your precious time and focus on what matters most.
Date: Aug 15, 2018
Time:11 am MT / 1 pm ET/ 10am PT   Save Your Seat!
In this webinar, you’ll […]

Leadership in a Complex World Webinar Series

Leadership in a Complex World Webinar Series
The Oxygen Mask: Managing Your Energy and Enhancing you Well-Being at Work
Thanks to those who registered and/or attended our webinar, Leadership in a Complex World – The Oxygen Mask: Managing Your Energy and Enhancing Your Well-Being at Work. We hope you enjoyed it!

In our discussion, we talked about evolving our coping and balancing mechanisms […]

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Resilience – needed today more than ever!

Resilience, long thought to be the ability to bounce back from a failure or tough situation is now moving proactively into a component of one’s success.

“More than education, more than experience, more than training, a person’s level of resilience will determine who succeeds and who fails. That’s true in the cancer ward, it’s true in the Olympics, and it’s true […]

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The Power of a Single Word

How often do we find ourselves in a communication debacle from the misuse of a single word?  After a few rounds, clarifying back and forth we usually sort it out. In the business world, this is not a life or death matter and I sometimes use the expression “no one will die from this” or “this isn’t open heart surgery”, to help […]

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Resistance to change IS protection from threat…are you unknowingly that threat?

According to Dr. A. J. Schuler, author of Negotiate Your Way to Success, there are 10 common reasons why people resist change.
Common Reasons Why People Resist Change

Risk of change is seen as greater than risk of status quo
Connections to people disturbed – “tribal bonding”
No role models for new environment
Fear of incompetence or looking incompetent
Feeling overloaded, overwhelmed
Healthy skepticism
Fear of hidden agendas […]

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What Leaders Can Learn from a Football Coach’s Secret to Motivating Players

As leaders, how can you motivate others to achieve goals and objectives? Some people say you can’t! That motivation only comes from the inside. Well if that’s the case, then look inside to what’s important to those you are “trying” to motivate. That’s what one football coach, Lou Tice, did.

Lou Tice, former high school teacher, football coach,  and author of […]

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Leadership in one small action

We all live busy lives but how much time does it take to ask a simple question that may change the life of another FOREVER.

While volunteering on behalf of Health Reach Canada, I met Vani Thangpuii, in Pokhara (a city of 1 million people), Nepal. Vani has many projects underway including, literacy, health education in the schools, water storage and […]

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We are all the same!

We are all the same. This statement came to life this past week while working with community leaders in Sundarbazaar, a semi-developed village of Lamjung, Nepal. The group of 15 was comprised of Head School Masters (principals), and the chairperson s from the School Management Committees, who together with the government, are responsible for providing and funding public education in 10 […]

Learning While Doing – Fast Track to Action Learning

This is a continuation of a previous blog series on the 5 Ways to Use a Change Initiative as a Leadership Development Opportunity. As a refresher the 5 targeted activities are listed below with this week’s focus on number 2, Action Learning.
5 Targeted Activities to Facilitate Leadership Development are:

Developmental Assignments (within and outside of your current job)
Action Learning
Executive Coaching
Personal Growth […]

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