Strategy starts with you

There is no such thing as a natural-born leader. Leaders are made and leadership skills are learned and practiced. If your organization is seeking influential leaders who are innovative, critical thinkers – develop them.

Leadership development is future-oriented and focuses on the person, on growth and on maximizing potential. Continuous development moves people beyond their comfort zone, catalyzes innovation, enriches corporate culture and improves financial performance.

The programs described below provide development opportunities in two key leadership capabilities: critical success strategies for leaders in new roles and strategic planning.  Customized development programs that focus on leadership competencies needed to deliver on your organizational strategy are also available.

1. Reaching New Heights: Critical success strategies for leaders in new roles

In today’s workplace, one in three leaders who change jobs are terminated or resign within 18 months. This structured 10-week program will give you the tools and strategies needed to be successful in your new position. Learn how to capitalize on opportunities, minimize pitfalls and provide more value in the crucial first 90 days.

Workshop Outline

What Clients Are Saying

“I talked to a bunch of people when I arrived at my new job. I didn’t use a structured method like this and ended up getting lost in all the details. It wasn’t very useable in the end.”
“Being strategic about who and how to influence was very helpful.”
VP, Projects
“If I hadn’t done this, I would have been caught up in the day to day. Now I’m working more strategically and feeling much more prepared for that priority setting conversation with my boss.”
Director of IT

2. The Integral Strategy Roadmap™


The Integral Strategy Roadmap™ helps leaders develop a capability-driven strategy designed to maximize impact and increase your competitive advantage. This powerful tool helps clarify strategic intentions, identify the actions and outcomes required to achieve them, and shows stakeholders where they need to contribute.

Workshop Outline

What Clients Are Saying

“Finally I can see line of site between what all these public agencies do and the strategic goals of the community. And I can now see accountability for performance measurement.”
Branch manager of local bank, Wetaskiwin Strategic Roadmap
“I can now understand what everyone is doing and know what I don’t need to do because I can trust others to do it on my behalf.”
Community Mayor, Leduc regional roadmap to excellence

3. Emotional Intelligence Skills

The Emotional Intelligence skills workshop package includes one-day facilitation, participant workbook with exercises and strategies to learn more about one’s own emotional intelligence skills and how they can be applied to your professional and personal lives. Leaders have the flexibility to customize the focus on any combination of EI elements including perceiving, managing, decision making, achieving and influencing.

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What Clients Are Saying

“I didn’t realize there was a strong connection between managing emotions and making better decisions.”
“I’m more confident in dealing with other people’s angry reactions. That doesn’t mean I like doing it but I realize I can’t avoid it any longer if I want to move ahead.”