Move from Distracted to Focused in Under an Hour

Webinar Series: Leadership in a Complex World

Are mounting distractions and competing priorities pulling you in multiple directions?
Are you spending time weeding other people’s garden with no time left for your own?
Join us to reclaim your precious time and focus on what matters most.
Date: Aug 15, 2018
Time:11 am MT / 1 pm ET/ 10am PT   Save Your Seat!
In this webinar, you’ll […]

Leadership in a Complex World Webinar Series

Leadership in a Complex World Webinar Series
The Oxygen Mask: Managing Your Energy and Enhancing you Well-Being at Work
Thanks to those who registered and/or attended our webinar, Leadership in a Complex World – The Oxygen Mask: Managing Your Energy and Enhancing Your Well-Being at Work. We hope you enjoyed it!

In our discussion, we talked about evolving our coping and balancing mechanisms […]

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Is Your Project Breaking Apart or Breaking Open?

If you’ve ever worked on, managed or sponsored a project you know that project plans, schedules and budgets are great planning tools at the beginning but then something seems to happen in the middle.
We have status reports that measure if our project is over or under (don’t laugh too hard at that one) budget, on or behind schedule but one […]

Resilience – needed today more than ever!

Resilience, long thought to be the ability to bounce back from a failure or tough situation is now moving proactively into a component of one’s success.

“More than education, more than experience, more than training, a person’s level of resilience will determine who succeeds and who fails. That’s true in the cancer ward, it’s true in the Olympics, and it’s true […]

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How do you actually quit worrying & redirect your energy?

Worrying is based on the illusion that by expending negative mental energy you will somehow (magic?) make the situation turn out all right or prevent a catastrophe. We anticipate that something will go wrong or not turn out the way we want it to and doubt that we are capable of managing or controlling the situation.

I worry that a family […]

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Gotta have a little fun…

Today I met 20 wonderful children at Nira Orphanage and Youth Home on the outskirts of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. Like many nations they are futeboll (soccer crazy). I brought a ball with me and thanks to a pump supplied by the Button family in Calgary we were ready for a game. We played behind the orphanage on the packed, dusty earth.

Our […]

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The Power of a Single Word

How often do we find ourselves in a communication debacle from the misuse of a single word?  After a few rounds, clarifying back and forth we usually sort it out. In the business world, this is not a life or death matter and I sometimes use the expression “no one will die from this” or “this isn’t open heart surgery”, to help […]

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Top 8 Future Challenges in HR

The pace of change we are all subjected to is still accelerating, producing seismic shifts in business and society. One of these shifts is the growing importance of people.
HR is facing challenges like never before including:

Talent and leadership are becoming even scarcer resources than ever before.
The work force, on average, is growing older, and people are having fewer children.
More companies […]

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Resistance to change IS protection from threat…are you unknowingly that threat?

According to Dr. A. J. Schuler, author of Negotiate Your Way to Success, there are 10 common reasons why people resist change.
Common Reasons Why People Resist Change

Risk of change is seen as greater than risk of status quo
Connections to people disturbed – “tribal bonding”
No role models for new environment
Fear of incompetence or looking incompetent
Feeling overloaded, overwhelmed
Healthy skepticism
Fear of hidden agendas […]

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Endings are boring, negative, and emotionally heavy so let’s forget about them and just get on with what’s new, exciting, and fun!

Not so fast says William Bridges, author of Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change, who contends the single biggest reason why changes fail is that no one thought about endings or how to manage their impact on people.

Bridges distinguishes a change, which is situational (e.g. new boss, new role) and external, from transitions which are the internal psychological processes people […]

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