Leadership in a Complex World – Drama in the Workplace

Webinar Series: Leadership in a Complex World

Drama in the Workplace

Are you experiencing drama in your workplace or life? Do you find it frustrating and at times ill-equipped on how to deal with it? You are not alone in this struggle.

Join us in this complimentary webinar series for an online learning DISRUPTION – no more checking your email while endless powerpoint slides […]

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Resilience – needed today more than ever!

Resilience, long thought to be the ability to bounce back from a failure or tough situation is now moving proactively into a component of one’s success.

“More than education, more than experience, more than training, a person’s level of resilience will determine who succeeds and who fails. That’s true in the cancer ward, it’s true in the Olympics, and it’s true […]

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How a 15 min #coaching conversation helped overcome years of self-criticism

I’ve known for a long time about the benefits of meditation. You don’t need to sell me on the practise. I used to think about it all the time and yet wasn’t able to find the activator to cross the boundary from thinking to doing. This persisted for years and turned into a form of self-criticism.

Self-talk, the brain’s own inner observations […]

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Dare to stop comparing yourself to others

When I compare my life or progress to someone else I may occasionally think I’m doing worse than they are. That is a self-defeating pity trap. I rob myself of acknowledging my progress, basking in it and using it as a launching point for more growth.

When I compare my life or progress to someone else I may occasionally think […]

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What Leaders Can Learn from a Football Coach’s Secret to Motivating Players

As leaders, how can you motivate others to achieve goals and objectives? Some people say you can’t! That motivation only comes from the inside. Well if that’s the case, then look inside to what’s important to those you are “trying” to motivate. That’s what one football coach, Lou Tice, did.

Lou Tice, former high school teacher, football coach,  and author of […]

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5 Tips When Coaching in a Developing Nation

1. Spend some time conversing with your translator in advance of your workshop.

This helped me tune my ear to his English accent, speed of speach, inflections and test his understanding of my English. I also had to get use to words that were used in different contexts or were infrequently used in my language environment.

2. Come prepared for everything

I spoke to those […]

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105 Students and 1 Teacher – A Positive Approach to Classroom Management

In Nepal, the government MINIMUM student teacher ratio is 55:1. While touring the country side I spoke with many teachers that had class sizes less than this but also a few that had many more than 55, up to a 105 students.

With few resources, how is a teacher suppose to manage the classroom behaviour of so many students and still achieve learning goals?
We […]

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